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  2. They’ll have been doing shit loads of overtime for years. This is not voluntary.
  3. Do PSOnes Classics look good on the Vita? I've heard some of the PSP games don't so hot on the Vita screen. Not sure if this is true.
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  5. The Spielberg documentary being shown on Sk Arts a few times has me thinking about blocking and direction, especially with the clip from Duel. The diner scene. The zoom, the view of the man walking back to his truck from inside, the cut back to the protagonist staring far out with stress, it's slick, effortless, cinematic, classic perfection. For the greats they've got to form that language, for the rest they've got the greats to learn from and they still can't do it. It's something i'm really intrested in, composition in film really matters to me to the degree where i start to resent films th
  6. Damnit. I was really looking forward to this. I wish corona would just feck off.
  7. Was going to recommend it after playing the demo for this, but not at the price it's selling for.
  8. It's been 12 years, how are games not integrating leaderboards as well as Geometry Wars 2 did? They still mostly get hidden away as a separate menu option.
  9. Yeah, just finished season 2 and I loved a lot of it but the last episode was underwhelming compared to the tournament in season 1. I laughed loads though and Dimitri and Stingray were stand out characters. Game of Thrones references too! Consistently one of the best things on Netflix.
  10. Me too! Got to 4-1, thought "Can you die on those plants? They look spiky. Tell you what, I'll jump on them and find out ..." Now I know for sure. Good place to call it a night. Absolutely loving it so far! That moment when you figure out I was proper beaming! The cats are so cute. I'm trying to unlock the green lass, I always liked playing as her. The sloth will have to do for now.
  11. Especially considering that, even if they couldn’t stop being salamandered, they’d learned how to reverse it. So they could just take the ship back to the alpha quadrant, via warp 10, and have the doctor turn the crew back to normal. Heck, it wouldn’t even be that difficult as the transformation wasn’t immediate so they could turn up on Starfleet’s doorstep and ask to be taken into immediate medical supervision, with the doctor briefing a more than adequate support crew on what was about to occur. The later episode that followed up on ‘slipstream drive’ showed that at least some of t
  12. Within the same system? Build a save beacon, it'll stay shown up on your HUD unless you dismantle it. You can paint them to change the colour of the HUD icons as well. You can also see your surface X,Y coordinates in the analysis visor and ship cockpit, but building a beacon is much less faff. You can scan buildings to tag them as well, not sure how reliable that is though.
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  14. Obviously you want to avoid crunch wherever possible, but even the best planning and management can't account for every eventuality. In a major project with an immovable deadline, it's going to happen right at the end. Of course Jim Sterling will be along any minute to fill his pantaloons in spite of having no clue of what CDPR might have tried to do (or not) to avoid reaching this point over the last year, or the real world implications of letting the game slip past Christmas and the effective commercial end of the current console generation.
  15. amc

    Playstation Vita

    I still love my Vita. Said it in this very thread that I'll never part with it. Dreading the day anything goes awry. Touch wood, no cursing. I mainly use it for beautifully presented games from yesteryear, the pinnacle for me is overclocked Outrun 2006 in bed. I always go back and plug away at its chocka content. Lately I've been trying a few older PS1 games, mainly the ones that took a bit of stick in the big 3D crossover. In the Hunt, Rapid Reload etc. Great fun. Currently playing Motor Toon 2 and Wipeout 2048 as well as the above. What a juxtaposition be
  16. Is that ring with deluxe edition? I'll bet it IS the easy mode! Infinite health. Lol. They're gonna do it. I can feel it.
  17. Six weeks of it doesn’t seem too bad. It’s still unacceptable, but I thought studios normally crunch for 6+ months. Or is that “voluntary” crunch?
  18. I've played a fair bit more now, and have just made it past Olmec's lair. Still really enjoying it, but it does seem harsh. The main problem for me is there seems to be no grace period of invulnerability after you take damage. In the original it was very short - maybe half a second - but it was there. You could get knocked by a bat directly into an arrow trap, and you'd only take the single point of damage from the bat. Here there seems to be nothing, so the same critter (fucking moles or lizards) can take 2 or 3 points off you in a heartbeat, or they can tag-team you to death similarly. It se
  19. I agree, they aren’t under any obligation to make these games available but by that same merit Nintendo are the only company who can make these games available again. It goes both ways. We can’t force them to port their titles to the switch or adopt multi-platform distribution. The games are their properties and they can do what they like with them. Saying they should be held to account for leaving their titles in the GameCube is typically a position of entitlement but in the context of this topics issue the second hand market is the only avenue for accessing many of these
  20. Yeah, it's proper grotesque treatment. I guess that's one way to encourage a sense of verisimilitude in the game, make sure the staff developing it have real experience of being worked to the bone for an uncaring corporation to draw on.
  21. Just the PSone classic
  22. Orbit could be some shenanigans going through my phone to post these... Will validate later...
  23. This one might be a render. The Res is off. Unless it's a crop of a real screenshot. The others seem legit 4k screens though.
  24. Your head is going to explode when you find out who Lukes father is.
  25. God, I know I’m in a bad mood but I’m hating this(64 and sunshine). Seriously fucking bullshit deaths on the blooper race the lives system is so archaic I’m not sure I can be arsed with it anymore.
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