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  2. I have to say this months Plus offering are very good, I think they've managed to cover Online Multiplayer, PS5, PSVR and PS4 (Concrete Genie has a mode iirc). Got to be quite hard to cover that much of the PS user base. Also Concrete Genie is a very good game as is Control. Destruction AllStars will probably be better for being free, but the jury is still out. I played Control on a Shadow PC and has an amazing time, I forgot I was playing via a stream... But then my next session was awful, guess the net traffic was higher. So I gave up and considered adding it to my p
  3. Bump - Added to PS+ for February. It's a great indie title with a nice painting mechanic. Enjoy!
  4. Morning, Have these recipe cards if anyone is interested: Windflower fan Bonsai shelf Pear wall Matryoshka Shell rug Natural square table Dark tulip wreath Cherry umbrella Jungle wall Tulip surprise box x 2 Iron garden table Plain wooden shop sign
  5. Mulan was the same price, which translated to £19.99 here. Still less than it’d cost of taking a family to see the new Disney film at the cinema or watch a new film on demand. So it doesn’t feel totally preposterous. It was nice they didn’t do it with Soul though.
  6. I managed to get another solo victory yesterday evening. Edited highlights below. Level 36 now, not bad for a few days enjoyment.
  7. "Wonderful world of wonder". I know you're a tired Marketing Exec, and copy isn't your job, but can you not at least hit Shift+F7 to earn your money?
  8. That is a greath month, I completed Conrcrete Genie last year it is a nice little indie title. Looking forward to enjoying Control. With all these PS+ games who needs gamepass?
  9. Such a great and overlooked game this. And its sequel.
  10. FFS. Mee gets to the ball cleanly, it goes up and off Wesleys chest and out for a fucking goal kick. Those shots are taken after the ball has come off the Villa player. You know who had plenty of time to look at it? VAR. And they did and they said it was a goal kick. I'd post video but it's not in the highlights after a quick search of Youtube but the awkward truth is that if you watch the video and want to ban that challenge then you ban tackling from the game altogether. But fine, keep distracting from the fact that your team blew it. Again. If we were that thuggish, Greal
  11. LaveDisco

    The Medium

    Having played Titanfall 2 again recently, I'm already amazed what last gen could do with this, when a developer put their mind to it. It's can lead to great game mechanics - so I hope more run with it.
  12. schmojo


    I mean, it's been said before but the films totally fucked the Wolverine/Cyclops dynamic by having Wolverine be taller and better looking. He was already the edgelords' favourite when he was squat and antisocial. Now he's everyone's favourite. And Cyclops serves no purpose other than to be Leonardo.
  13. Cheers, that worked. Needed that one quest to complete two others. For the points. Up until now it always worked fine for me btw, never needed to turn on the Xbox at the same time or anything. So it's definitely the update that broke it yesterday
  14. New DLC out! And most platforms now have a complete pack deal (Dead Cells: The Fatal Seed) available should you wish to dive in from the start. God, I love this game.
  15. I’d end up with an enjoyable but relatively low paid* job 150 miles from my house. I mean no offence but I can’t see mini painter paying the same sort of money as accountant with 20 years experience. I’m generally too old and too trapped by my career to change at this point. That’s not a poor me, it’s just what it is. I’m well aware I’m nowhere meet good enough to do this as a job, which I’m totally fine with. I’m getting enough about of it for the time and effort put in. I’m sure I could improve if I spent more time watching videos and working hard. But I’m not sure I have the e
  16. They’ve undergone quite a renaissance in recent years. I actually own a pair of Joy Division oven gloves.
  17. I didn't even say anything negative about your boy! Just for you, since it's clearly a big personal deal, a small adjustment that will hopefully be more to your liking: "Now that they're one staff member short, it seems like they're going to have more guests on the bombcast and they're starting with Danny which is great because I really like Danny. More guests hopefully also means Drew or Dave at some point"
  18. I think moment-by-moment, the brawler games have more entertaining combat, but the real genius of this is the way the RPG combat system is used to really bring your party to life. The characters in this have so much... character. I hope they stick with a variation of this system for a couple of games at least, it's going to be incredible once they've refined it a bit. I didn't think it was possible but I think Like A Dragon has edged out Zero as my favourite Yakuza game. It's only really the incredibly slow start that lets it down a bit, and that's quickly forgotten once the game g
  19. Opened my FUT Champions players picks this morning, so good.
  20. And someone said CEX prices have dropped but a quick search this morning shows them the same £815. https://uk.webuy.com/search/?stext=ps5&sortBy=sellprice&sortOrder=desc
  21. So you going to take the plunge and buy some from ebay then?
  22. There's an escalation in Miami that tasks you with knocking out various joggers by hitting them in the head with drinks cans. It's not particularly difficult, but it had me giggling all the way through. Next time I'm out for a quiet walk and some Covid-laden jogger comes huffing into view, I know what I'll be doing.
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