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  3. The Human Centipede II It’s ludicrously rank and entirely unfeasible. It doesn’t matter. The casting of Martin and portrayal of the character is sickeningly well done. I’ve not seen another movie where the I don’t think the lead even says a single word. He’s superb and proper sank himself into it. Got a lot of respect for that. Black and white was just right. Even then, obviously don’t watch if you’re remotely squeamish and there are extremely traumatic scenes. When I say extremely, imagine worse. It’s far more of a slasher than the first one. Along with the heels in Hostel, the teeth scene is one other than I cannot watch unfold. If you’re like me, and the subject doesn’t phase you enough that you can’t appreciate the cinematography, then it’s a solid 3/5 I also rate the first one (from a certain point in), but for different reasons. Mostly because Dieter Laser is just excellent and the casting for number 1 was perfect as a non English speaker. It’s bizarre how suffering can be made so sterile.
  4. This. At each scene that was poor I could easily imagine how she’d be writing the description of what we saw. She thinks you need to do that. She’s wrong. It shows how talented it actually is to successfully create proper pacing and climax. That battle was supposed to be the greatest duel ever between wizards. It was a fucking joke. Credence became pointless. It was dumb.
  5. Jammy

    The Spurs Thread

    Amongst that has to be a contract extension for Conte I would hope. He officially only has a year left on his original one now. If Levy really is, as reported, prepared to back him well this summer, he has to give him at least an additional year to see it through.
  6. FilmSaw #15 - https://filmsaw.com Wild guess hit home (I haven't even seen the film!)
  7. I think I may have tried to watch this when it originally came out but fell off after a couple of episodes, I can't remember. Just posting this in case anyone else did the same thing - I've finished the last episode and think this might be one of the best TV programmes ever made. And I'm so glad
  8. Such a shame for Charles, but what a class act. Great race that had everything. George showing that he's made of the right stuff and a great fight back from Lewis and Mercedes. It's going to be great to have them messing with RB and Ferrari's plans at the front. Sainz very disappointing yet again and Ric' still all washed up. It's going to be a great season-long fight and it's not too late for Merc to add to the excitement. Can't wait.
  9. Once I get Vaan up to level 99, with Fran and Balthier not far behind, I decide to seek out the last optional boss, Omega Mark XII. Like Gilgamesh, this appears to be another throwback to Final Fantasy V, a quadrupedal robot from another dimension. Approaching the area where it resides, my swagger and confidence are immediately dashed. Omega hits HARD. It only does one thing, and that's to fire a laser at one target for around 7000HP damage. But it does it again, and again, and again, and again, relentlessly, never stopping, never deviating, never tiring. Even fully bubbled and shielded, I do not last long in its presence. According to The Internet, there are two ways to beat this thing. One is to brute force it, go at it with a squad of characters who can hit Omega with Wither technicks to gets its physical strength to bearable levels as fast as possible, and take it from there. The other way feels a little bit like cheating, but it's a valid method. Casting Reverse on all your characters will make Omega's only move heal you instead of damage you. Reverse doesn't last long, so you need to keep at least a couple of characters with Reverse set as a Gambit, and turn off your healing Gambits. Then just to get as many attacks in as possible whenever you can. This technique is fairly quick, as Omega's HP is nowhere near as high as some of the other bosses I've fought. However, Omega still gets a few too many successful hits in at the end and my main party is wiped out when he has a tiny sliver of HP left. So, bringing in my much lower level reserve team of Basch, Penelo and Ashe, I immediately unleash all my Mist Quickenings, chain as many together as possible, and cross my fingers that it's enough to scratch away that last bit of Omega's health bar... Success, it's enough! And with that, Omega Mark XII is defeated and I've beaten the game's strongest enemy. I don't have anything else I want to do, so I leave the Great Crystal, return to Rabanastre, pick up some final supplies, save the game and prepare to take the Strahl to Bahamut for the story wrap-up. I don't anticipate any difficulty from here on, so I might keep the B-team in play, just for a slight challenge.
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  11. Sweet yeah, I’m away most of this week so maybe it’ll be a 2 week run. I am done for now with Ghostbusters, I feel like I’m playing it ‘properly’ now, building modes focusing on the right ramp, but I’ll have a great game and end up with less than 200million whereas when Injust focused on getting multiballs and bashing everything I could I seem to score better. Maybe it’s a modern stern thing, that’s what happened with Deadpool too.
  12. 🕹 High Score Day #56 - https://highscoreday.com
  13. I hadn't heard of those games, either. I obviously know what Switch Sports is from the Wii version, but didn't know it was in development.
  14. Still waiting on my physical copy... (also just discovered, on checking my online subscription, that after a lengthy back and forth with customer support a few months ago to get my two subscriptions [Edge and Retro Gamer] merged into one account [as they had been until the move to MyMagazine], they have indeed merged the subscriptions... To a new email address which isn't mine (but which is partially obscured so I can't ID it), and they've changed my password. Incredible service. Thankfully I've been able to create a new account using my old email address, and drag my Edge subscription across to it (as the logged purchaser — the 'recipient' is still down as the weird new email address), but it won't let me do the same with RG. So I guess another attempt at dealing with some of the least useful customer service in the world is in order!
  15. Indeed I do call that a challenge: 🕹 High Score Day #56 - https://highscoreday.com
  16. 🕹 High Score Day #56 - https://highscoreday.com Indeed; even a certain wizzard of the Unseen University could have aced this one!
  17. I'm sorry call that a challenge? 🕹 High Score Day #56 - https://highscoreday.com
  18. I think you've just gotta take people being happy City won as a weird kinda compliment. It shows how relevant you are as a club. Sure we're (United) an absolute joke at the moment but you've always been our biggest rivals. Having fans of other clubs actively hate you is a sign of being a big, proper club. If you'd won the league, nobody would be hating on City really. Nobody cares about them. Joke of a club. It kinda hurts as a United fan seeing the way you lot play and the success you've been having. If it'd been City winning everything they enter, I wouldn't really care as they're plastic shit For a lot of fans it's the lesser of two evils in a way, when it comes to footballing tribalism. There's been times I've watched some of your games and it's the best football I've seen by an English side since our mid to late 00's side. And that's the last time I'll come in here and compliment yas. You gave it the best ya could, fair play.
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