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  2. Yes, I updated from the working one (before all the hassle) to the latest one yesterday and all is perfectly well. Saved game worked (I do have PS+).
  3. I've seen the credits. After the first few days of thinking I'll never see biome 2 today I got to the end. What an incredible game and such a shame the price will stop a lot of people experiencing the adrenaline rush this game gives because it's second to none.
  4. yep @The Bag exactly the same scale. However the planes are a lot bigger than you think when you think of a titan, you think enormous, but they're really not.
  5. I fell asleep during a ‘Saejima in prison’ cutscene yesterday late afternoon Can’t be fucked playing as him again really. Don’t like his fighting style and didn’t enjoy his stuff in Yak4. Been dreading his segment in 5 and now that it’s here I’m falling asleep. Just need to power through it. I think my last save was at the prison yard pay phone. Back through the cutscenes I go. I’m actually most excited at the prospect of Haruka’s chapter. Badly needing something new and different for me to do. I think that’s largely why I enjoyed Mundane Taxi with Kiryu. Maybe I’ll similarly like
  6. Is the new patch ok then? I'm pre the one that fucked everyone up still.
  7. Turkey going on that red list at todays press conference by Grant Shapps
  8. I absolutely loved the Haruka section, as it was such a breath of fresh air. I noped out of the snow/mountain stuff with Saejima as soon as it let me, fwiw.
  9. 30 hours into this now (I've been taking my time) and (think - see below) I've pretty much finished off the first area/act. Overall I'm enjoying it still but I can see where some of the - let's face it fairly traditional open world - comments and complaints come from. I have spent a long time riding around clearing fog with a massively ungenerous clearance radius (despite all the upgrades) and there is no doubt some of the side content feels a bit like busy work in places. But actually because it's such a good looking game, pretty chilled out for large chunks,
  10. The Haruka chapter in Yakuza 5 is a bit , isn't it? Even discounting the incredible tonal whiplash that the game gives you by transitioning straight from Saejima's gritty melodrama into a singing-and-dancing rhythm action game, it's a bit of an eye-opener into the world of a Japanese idol. The actual concerts and dance battles are wholesome enough but everything surrounding those is deeply suspect. I can't decide whether I'm more freaked out by the events where you have to do a series of uncomfortably long handshakes with a succession of grotty Japanese perverts, or the ones where
  11. You can cross play PC and console, you just can't invite people to your group. You can get randomly matched with people on other platforms, just not create one yourself. Here is the answer from Game Director Andrew Willins from the AMA on reddit this afternoon: So not 'definitely, definitely'.
  12. I don't think RNG is as big as some people say it is, having played it a ton now. The game always makes it possible to massively extend your lifebar in the first biome and always makes it possible to collect a shitload of oobolites to buff yourself with artefacts and healing items. The shop will always have one large health vial too (and sometimes an Astronaut on top of that). I think the mistake many people make, including me when I first started playing it, is that they don't wait for their proficiency to go up, so that they'll rush to the first chest and get whatever weapon isn't the pistol
  13. Is it definitely not pc/console cross play? Definitely definitely?
  14. The most important question has been answered. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/masochists-can-choose-keep-the-makos-rubbish-handling-in-mass-effect-legendary-edition? YES!
  15. @smithstock I didn't get a chance to say this in the AMA, but I saw your lead level designer was on there (Emily?) and if you could pass on compliments at how well the levels are designed. They're so intricate and interesting and look amazing. Still learning my way around them but damn, they are really, really good. Great use of alternate routes, verticalilty and space.
  16. THis is a great laugh with mates. Went in as a 3 man with disc comms and a random and we were doing so well! Makes all the difference. Tooke/Mystic is as awesome as I'd hoped, love it. Just unlocked the perk to make it so my own gas grenade doesn't hurt me which is aces cus that shit drains stamina super fast!
  17. Yeah it's the flying fucks that piss me off with that and also I quite like hte reload mechanic. I still haven't gelled with the guns that aren't Hollowseeker, Carbine or pistol to be fair.
  18. If it's the room where you fought iaijitsu dude earlier, I'm pretty sure just sneaking left as you go in allows a deathblow on one before you take on the real enemy.
  19. I ordered this one which appears to come with the saturn dongle? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07Y5M8R3Y/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_C7RPAG108MPK6KT6DMYA
  20. I do, although it isn't the best for flying foes. The trick to it is that it doesn't reload, its projectiles return to it; if you miss you'll be waiting longer for that shard to return. As such it works better at shorter ranges to reduce travel time, but it can shred things up close without any downtime.
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