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  1. I haven't played a boxing game since Ready to Rumble on the Dreamcast.
  2. XCloud will start switching to XSX chips. They designed the SOC with Asure in mind. No reason why it couldn't be running Windows 10 games if they wanted.
  3. I think this is the last generation with a hard cut off for MS. We'll get a mid gen refresh for zen 4/5 and RNDA whatever. The refresh after that will be pitched at the same performance level as PS6 but still just the 'new' S|X.
  4. You need to connect a controller too, but that's the only other thing. Touch controls are coming. There's only Minecraft Dungeons at the moment, which works pretty well.
  5. I think Stormfront's either getting kill by Or
  6. Ghosts. If you don't like it watch it some more. If you still don't like it you're dead. Dead I tell you!
  7. You'd go by Square's market cap wouldn't you? That's around 8bn dollars
  8. Oh no. It looks like total garbage. If it had storage for my slippers and gently warmed or cooled them I'd be much more interested.
  9. The older and more dad I get, the more the Homer looks like my ideal car.
  10. They've also given AC:S, The Division, WD1 & 2 away on Epic Store. Big DLC pimpathon as much as anything.
  11. The RDNA vs RDNA2 stuff is just made up. The PS5 isn't using some older version of AMD's tech. PS/XBOX have their own tweaks on RDNA2. How much better one is over the other is both guesswork and a bit meaningless given the differences it'll actual make in games. "Have it at ye with my GPU cache scrubbers". "Behold my mighty SFS". Thus, the playground was won! The Resi development difficulty is some nonsense spread by an 'insider' on Resetera who wanted to even the narrative when Xbox was suffering a bit. The S's only performance advantage over PS5 may come from st
  12. Because no one wants to see Gelfling tits? I'm not inviting anyone to search deviantart to prove me wrong.
  13. Neither's that small. They're both 200+ employees. Small relative to Zenimax I suppose! They could probably snap up Sega for under $5Bn. Pocket change!
  14. Is S's vent the same diameter as the X's base circle? Sooo dirty. I know the stark boxy designs aren't everyone's taste but they really do it for me.
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