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  1. For Nintendo Switch Online members, Spelunky2 is free to try next week:
  2. Shame to see Fred Ward has passed away aged 79, may have to rewatch Temors later.
  3. Been announced the game will launch 27th January 2023, on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC
  4. Review embargo has now lift, currently sitting at 81 on Metacritic from 17 reviews.
  5. I don't think Nciti has ever discussed his own sexuality from the interviews I have read with him, he doesn't want to speak about his relationships.
  6. The Smile album, A Light for Attracting Attention, it supposed to have leaked. People who have listened to it are giving it real praise.
  7. Regarding a character in episode four (latest episode)
  8. Another superb episode which was directed by Rhea Seehorn
  9. There are difficultly options, which may help (on the Switch version at least).
  10. With the new show starting on Friday, they are doing promotion, including this Q&A article in the Guardian.
  11. Wonder if anyone can help with the best way to clean the Switch screen? I got some of the velvet screen protectors on the dock to stop the marks appearing on the sides of the screen due to sliding the console into the dock, but unfortunately on one side it slightly came away from the dock and the sticky back of it was exposed to the screen. Now I have the sticky glue stuff on the screen., as you can see below: Had a look online on the best way to remove it, but some many different opinions, just wary of using anything and it will damage the screen. Is a damp cloths with vinegar the best way?
  12. Thanks for the details and opinion on the gameplay and difficulty level. Think I'll look for something else in the current sale, maybe Knightin+ or The Last Campfire. Cheers.
  13. I think it was season three episode eight, titled Slip.
  14. Unfortunately I don't Game Pass, but thanks
  15. I see Bloodroots is on sale, anyone have any thoughts on the game? Looking for a not so challenging game to pick up in this sale and had this on my watch list for ages ago.
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