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  1. If you’re playing the PS4 version of cyberpunk on ps5 with the enhancements cdpr have said the game will have your save is fine, if you get a true ps5 version I wouldn’t count on your save transferring unless they store it in their own cloud and don’t save it locally on the console.
  2. All online games are like this now, everybody is ultra competitive thinking they will make money from the game.
  3. I didn't endorse Sony's position on it, I just pointed out it's concern trolling and he should take it to the Xbox thread, Microsoft handle it much better, it's known to everybody, Sony have done this since the PS3, DLC doesn't even work across different SKU's of the disc, go to download a multiplayer map pack on an old COD and you get about 6 different versions and need to match the version for your disc, anyone who thinks Sony will fix it is deluded.
  4. It's a different game on PlayStation, there's PS4 games where the save doesn't transfer between 2 different versions of the disc or between the disc and the digital so it's hardly a surprise, thanks for your concern, but you're in the wrong thread.
  5. Some of the best fun I've had online on PS4 was carrying you and @mackenie online you scrubs
  6. My Very orders are both showing Delivery by Thursday the 19th November and show 'delivery date checked on the 27/09/2020' so I'm assuming that means the stocks been allocated and I'm down for day 1 deliveries, not heard anything from Curry's
  7. Has anyone had to replace their dualshock 4 because the battery died completely? I don't know of anybody, my Dualshock 3's all still work as well, shit arguments are shit.
  8. I pre-ordered because of @MardiganX I've since pre-ordered twice more, i'll be playing everything on PS5 except for the good MS Exclusive which i'll play on PC.
  9. I managed to get in on Curry's as well, that was my preference rather than Very, £5 deposit paid and my pre order ref emailed through, once they confirm i'm getting on for release date I'll offer the Very orders out to friends/mukkers or cancel them. In total I've got a Standard PS5 ordered at Very, a Digital PS5 at Very and a Digital PS5 at Currys.
  10. As long as the account with GPU or Gold has the Xbox set as the 'home' xbox then all other accounts on the Xbox can share the benefits!
  11. The best thing to do would be to stock up on gold on a new account, set your xbox as your 'home' xbox, convert that to Ultimate for £1 and then you can still play the games on your main account, just let the sub lapse, ultimate and gold and the benefits are shared.
  12. Why would you do that when you can stream direct from your xbox on PC? or is this just for xcloud and is xcloud not coming to PC?
  13. Managed to secure a Digital on Very, my nephew and my mate both secured standard's on Very as well, very easy, no queues!
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