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  1. Only just found this out, and I was looking for some Brannigan's this weekend (look, it was a slow weekend alright).
  2. I think I need a lie down
  3. I'm not even slightly tempted. My PC streams from the spare room to my living room, I have a Steam Controller for any tricky keyboard-only bits, and I've recently subscribed to Geforce Now, which means I don't even have to turn my PC on half the time.
  4. Yeah I don't get this - they're getting people/crew/sets/VFX back to shoot MORE scenes?
  5. I dunno if it's at TGS but there's a rumour that MGS1 and 2 are getting re-releases on PC. Not super exciting unless you're some sort of weirdo that obsesses over having everything on one system eventually. Luckily I am.
  6. Probably a good thing in the long run, given Microsoft's recent PC-friendly moves, and Bethesda's.. not-friendly moves.
  7. Marketing is a very powerful tool, even when applied to critics. Pump enough money into it and you guarantee yourself a score in the high eighties, even if your game is pump. Of course it might actually be great, too.
  8. https://news.ubisoft.com/en-us/article/6ptJuA0jx7qhvhTnSosl8L/an-update-on-beyond-good-evil-2 Michel Ansel leaves to... open a wildlife sanctuary? Good luck to him, but this isn't good news for BG&E2.
  9. No but I recently got a Shield and this is one of my main uses. It's the future, once we get past the inevitable greedy publisher stretch (might take some time though). You can play a lot more games than people realise, in "single session" mode. Add Steam to your titles and try to install one, if it's supported then you can play it. Difference is it doesn't get stored after you quit, so you need to re-download each time. Plus obviously whatever you're playing needs cloud saves.
  10. Loved Absolute Drift (and Powerdrive). I played the demo of this and didn't get on with it, but that might just be a question of perseverance - it seems to have a high learning curve.
  11. Probably about 2/3 of the way. Struggling with the doctor's whereabouts if I recall correctly. That and a few people on the little boats.
  12. I'm really stuck. I think this means I'm a racist.
  13. I was not aware of this series. Guess I'll be trying the PS2 version one evening!
  14. Very interested to hear how this performs - I'm edging towards a purchase.
  15. There's dev profiles sometimes, though the best way is to check the user profiles and go for one of the top rated ones. For most popular games there'll be something available. Some are VERY smart. I've got one for X-Wing that maps all the various things to a lovely on-screen menu, activated by one of the pads.
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