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  1. This is such a weird position to take that reeks of entitlement, as if Nintendo (or any publisher) owe you anything. What does "It's a problem they've allowed to exist" even mean? It's not a problem for them at all, it's a problem for people who want, sometimes demand, it just because.
  2. Yeah, it makes some business sense and if I buy-back clause gets inserted into any deal then that's probably a good arrangement.
  3. I bet there's a lot of people watching this thread silently cursing their timing right now (and not so silently, eh @Lying Cat )
  4. Of the three that came up I can only imagine Leeds came with the (realistic) intention of being able to stay there. Early days of course, but Fulham have looked like dead men walking already, even West Brom look to have a little more about them.
  5. You have to think there's an issue with Brewster, whether it's his attitude, fitness or he just wants to play every week, because Klopp used to speak very highly of him and now there's just lots of talk of him being sold. Like you, @glb I think he'd be a much better option (both long and short-term) than Origi who, despite scoring some important goals 2 seasons ago, did little of note last season and I just don't think has much more to improve.
  6. I enjoyed it, though I can barely remember much about it now other than the ending.
  7. Gabe


    For all the talk about Arsenal being in the game last night - which, whilst it was 2-1 was technically true - you were battered over the course of the game and Liverpool definitely eased-off a bit in the second half. As has been mentioned, there is a massive gulf in class and you can talk about if only Lacazette could finish and all that, but the reality is I think Liverpool could've stepped back up a couple of gears if really needed. With that said, I think Arteta is doing a really good job there. He's at least starting to get an identity back into the team, rather than the direct
  8. Just watched this and it's all very...meh. I loved the first one, it was a real breath of fresh air with some inventive scenarios and stunning action. Importantly, it had a plot and a journey for Wick that made sense. It set up a really interesting lore, too, taking that honour among thieves theme and running with it. I don't remember all that much about the second film, other than I didn't think it was as good because it just seemed to lose sight of what made the action of the first film so good. Here, John truly became superhuman and any sense of the film being ground
  9. Great performance and win, really happy to see Jota heavily involved from the moment he came on, he was buzzing. I must admit, I thought it would be chalked off as it looked below the shirt, but we battered them anyway so earned a bit of fortune.
  10. Gabe

    Abandoned Games

    Yeah, I gather that 0 is the best one, but I don't find the general gameplay loop interesting enough to want to try it. What makes it better? I thought Fallen Jedi was terribly dull too, incidentally, and that got dumped after a not-particularly-fun 6/7 hours.
  11. Gabe

    Abandoned Games

    I'm close to giving up on Yakuza Kiwami. I realise that to a lot of the forum that's probably like insulting their first-born - but it's just so boring. I actually completed the original game back on the PS2 many, many years ago and only started playing this because it came with a Humble Choice and I didn't realise it was just a remake of that game. Anyway, I'm up to Chapter 6 and there's nothing grabbing me. I could list out all the reasons why, but ultimately it comes down to that fact that the core story and setting doesn't appeal, married to long, dull cutscenes and
  12. Ah, that's annoying, my controller is an old one so doesn't have Bluetooth. Excitement curtailed. @wev - just fyi, it's 2016 models onwards (3rd gen, not 2nd) that have Bluetooth: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_One_controller
  13. Yeah, I was going to use my Xbox One controller. I even ordered a clip yesterday so I can attach the controller and the phone for bedtime gaming. I'm excited!
  14. I haven't followed progress of this at all, but am interested. Can I just download an app on my phone, log into my Game Pass account and away I go or is there more to it than that?
  15. 19/09/2020 - Blackguards 2 (PC) A follow-up to 2014's strategy RPG based within the Dark Eye universe, this was a sequel done well. It took the mechanisms from the first game, stripped-out some off the superfluous elements and fleshed out the better bits of the first game, whilst also adding more meaningfully to the metagame. The first title was standard fare; you get your team, you spend skill points to beef them up, you pick fights on the world map to progress the story and pick up some side-quests along the way. Here, for the sequel, you still have your team, but the
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