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  1. Ah right I get you. I mean after the Halo delay I understand them not having exclusives to show off per se, but I would have thought we would have had some third party stuff being put front and centre as a replacement showpiece. Like the new DIRT or Assassins Creed. Oh well. Maybe in the next few days (I’m looking forward to some DF comparisons between everything that’s for sure.) Anyway my point was both Sony and MS ARE holding stuff back in some way or other it seems. This save game upgrade thing though? PURE bullshit. I’ll also not bother getting anythin
  2. Yeah I can’t see them really going with that for their marketing “go look at some PC footage. £450 please.” I’ll wait for some actual videos thanks.
  3. Yeah...I’m trying to decide between a Series X or a Series S (or none at all). If I’m going to be spending my money on a thing, I’d like a bit more than “close your eyes. Now imagine really good graphics”
  4. MS have been great with showing us UI and backwards compatibility but we’re yet to actually see any next gen games running on Series X. Sony have been much better in that regard. They’re both being cagey in their own ways.
  5. You guys opened it up and blasted all the dust away? Some late gen games are still loud as it’s pushing the hardware so much, but it’s definitely better and helped me squeeze a few more months out the old girl.
  6. Yeah I hear ya. Codemasters seem to be happy to fly the flag still but it’s not the healthiest genre.
  7. True, but you said there weren’t any racers of note in the PS5 showreels when they’ve had a pretty big one prominently feature in the marketing.
  8. Well apart from the next Gran Turismo yeah.
  9. I feel you brother! I’m flip-flopping all the time.
  10. This is basically me. I’m really looking forward to seeing comparison videos between the two as I do have a 4K tv but I never really notice the difference when I’m watching YouTube or Amazon if I’m honest. Saying that though, it would be sweet if MS would release some Series X game footage as I could also be tempted if the difference is noticeable. Do we have any ETA of when DF might have something? Any word of embargoes or anything?
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