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  1. 90 quid for the digital tat edition is beyond a joke, but ESPECIALLY for this type of remaster/remake.
  2. It seems like the underlying problem is they've decided to treat ps5 spiderman as a distinct remaster, a wholly separate thing. Already thanks to MS we're expecting such recent games to just be upgraded, not resold as a remaster. They're going back to do it with Gears 5 for example. They're not getting as much shit as Remedy and 505 did for doing much the same thing with Control, even though it seems to me the reason the latter had to do that is because of Sony's inflexible system architecture.
  3. The only thing I can think of is that ps5 version will be a separate game/download that you get for free (unlike on xbox where you just buy an 'xbox' game and it patches you to the appropriate version for your hardware). So that shouldn't happen. Awkward as hell though
  4. In my experience Sony can't even manage to transfer saves between the same game on the same system if you have a disc version then later buy the download from PSN. It treats them as two different games. Their backend seems to be totally archaic and leading to all of these issues.
  5. Doubt it. Cyberpunk, got example, will launch as a backwards compatible game but later get patched into the next gen version. What happens to your save on ps5?
  6. It was the remastered version of Gears 1. Confusingly called Gears Ultimate not to be confused with Gears 5 Ultimate Edition. I'm definitely interested in the feature, enough games this gen with hdr support have botched it that if nothing else it would be nice for someone to establish standards of a sort. I'm playing ff7 remake just now, cracking game but the hdr is worse than sdr.
  7. It launched before Game Pass did. They only ever committed to all first party games from that point onwards.
  8. Cdkeys seem to have gone downhill recently.
  9. My Octopus Teacher is really good. Beautifully shot too great for showing off a nice TV. Perfect relaxing, escapist documentary. Octopuses are amazing animals.
  10. Yeah I'm happy enough with my series s preorder but I think I might try and stretch to the x instead if stock appears before then
  11. You can use any ordinary headphones or earbuds with a mic, so no need for a cheapo earpiece thing as surely everyone has something like that.
  12. It looks weird horizontal. I think I like the series s design most of all the new consoles. It looks the most console-y I suppose. I'd like it in reverse polarity though, black with the white fan grille! As for space, I had no room due to a rather complicated audio setup. I've now bought a cheap soundbar which means I can move the bookshelf speakers I've been using elsewhere to use for music only (can set up my record player again properly). Where the speakers were is perfect for any of the new systems. Although for now I am only getting a series s.
  13. Dpad definitely looks better, I hate the dpad on the bone.
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