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  1. Kyogo Furuhashi plays as a pure striker for Celtic and is probably the best we've had there since Henrik Larsson. But I get the impression he plays on the wing for Japan? He is bad there for us, much better as a centre forward His movement is top class. His second goal in this game is sensational, the run and the ice cold one touch no-look finish. https://youtu.be/yv9zkp__9F8
  2. I spent the whole game fuming that Kamada gets a game for Japan ahead of Reo Hatate (having never actually seen Kamada before )
  3. Ramsey has been an absolute clownshoes signing for them, that was his biggest contribution really all season. you love to see it. Trapp is an excellent goalkeeper.
  4. It's the closest thing to a new sega rally. I might pick it up again as I already had it on PS4 but never play that system any more.
  5. Aye fair enough, I don't really give a shit about the ultra-AAA stuff.
  6. Checking said Game Informer list, games I am interested in in rough chronological order that seem to be this year. Vampire Masquerade Swansong Sniper Elite 5 The Quarry Fire Emblem Warriors Xenoblade 3 Two Point Campus Saints Row Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Stalker 2 (I really doubt this comes out this year though) EDF6 Walking Dead Saints and Sinners 2 Replaced Company of Heroes 3 I dunno, that seems like a pretty decent selection to me, even though obviously some of those won't come out this year and some will be disappointing.
  7. I'm genuinely devastated Tom Rogic is leaving Celtic. Wonderful player cursed by not really having the fitness of a professional athlete. It's not often any more that someone leaves a club after almost a decade and it's really heart-wrenching.
  8. There's quite a lot coming that looks great to me.
  9. He's a real out of touch windbag.
  10. IIRC there was pretty solid talk about them looking for buyers but no one was interested. The whole thing is very similar to the situation SE found themselves in where they had some talanted studios and popular games but couldn't get out of their own way and kept fucking up. Difference is that a lot of the value with WB is in the properties they own that presumably wouldn't come as part of a sale. For stuff that isn't based on another part of the WB/Discovery empire there's, what, MK, Lego games, whatever they own from the shattered husk of Midway. Scribblenauts? It's probably not all that attractive as a whole except to someone who wants to quickly pick up 4 or 5 quality dev studios as a job lot).
  11. They can't even remotely afford it, never mind that they have basically killed the series off already. And my memory of the cm/fm transition was that it was pretty painless for SI. The first FM afterwards sold just as well as before.
  12. I'm not sure even FIFA will welcome the pr nightmare of working with a Belarusian comoany.
  13. Other way round. They've fucked up the marketing (and the aesthetic of this game as mentioned) hard.
  14. It's time to bring back This Is Football, Sony.
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