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  1. hmm


    That seems a little bit optimistic to me. At the least, it's going to be diminished. Is Djokovic going to turn up when he's guaranteed to lose his 2,000 ranking points (and no. 1 spot) either way, when he's already highly selective? Will Nadal, when he'd have already been doubtful even without this announcement? With Medvedev and Rublev obviously out too, we can already discount half the top 10. And are any players that pick up minor injuries during the tournament, that they might ordinarily work through if they could, still going to go that extra mile or just drop out? Players don't do two weeks of intense 5 setters for the fun of it. Admittedly, on the flip side, there's still a big chunk of cash for anyone that does persevere. Good opportunity for Alcatraz to win his first slam perhaps.
  2. hmm


    I don't know. I see that it's not particularly fair on the players but then not much of this situation is fair. I think that ideally it would have been determined at government level, and consistently internationally - i.e. no Russian teams or individuals are permitted entry to participate in sporting tournaments. The ATP were able to do this because the Wimbledon acted alone, and obviously the ban is pretty much pointless anyway when it's just one tournament. Selfishly, as a spectator, I'm pretty fucked off that Wimbledon is basically off again for the second time in three years.
  3. I mean, I remember what he said. It was which, as commentary goes, is maybe not quite up there with 'they think it's all over'.
  4. I guess one option would be to try being a less shitty country so people are happier to be a part of it?
  5. Ah, now the Godzilla and Kong event in Call Of Duty makes a bit more sense. I mean, still not a whole lot, obviously.
  6. That's astonishing. Though, of course, 2,500 are working on novelty skin packs for the multiplayer.
  7. hmm


    Zverev is such a flake. Absolutely thrashed and goes out with the meakest of whimpers to boot.
  8. I thought that both full backs were really poor today and that's obviously a huge part of our game. Trent not being sharp enough to get on the end of Thiago's pass was symptomatic of his entire evening really.
  9. hmm


    I think Djokovic is pretty much already back to peak form, after a shaky initial return, and Alcatraz got the win because he's just that good. The determination and recovery he showed against Nadal and then here, again, the mental fortitude to recover from losing the first set in the way that he did and still believe he could beat the world no. 1 from a set down were all incredible. His all round game is extraordinary - best drop shots on the tour without a doubt. Not sure if any of the other young pretenders to the top 3's throne(s) have the quality that he does, to accompany the sheer power. And real intelligence on the court: there was one amazing point where he and Djokovic hit a couple of high looping forehands back and forth to each other then, anticipating Djokovic hitting another of the same, Alcatraz went charging into the net for a drive volley to win the point. Djokovic was chastising himself afterwards for being outsmarted but this sort of thing was happening throughout the match. Massive fan.
  10. And perhaps the first ever to go top division -> non-league -> top division? Edit: Fixed my misremembering that they were in the PL, rather than the old 1st Division. Edit 2: Only just saw the Brighton - Man U score. Please don't let me distract anyone from the appropriate levels of mockery.
  11. hmm


    I thought that Murray was outstanding against Shapovalov last night - the best I've seen since his return, especially in the first set. Possibly a bit motivated by revenge for the trouncing at Wimbledon! I'd give him a chance against Djokovic too, if he can repeat anything like that form, and with ND still looking a little unsteady in recent matches.
  12. Moviedle is a fun one. I think that perhaps the length of time you get could be slightly more generous by the 6th guess, and it's annoying that you can't replay the clip after you've got the answer, but I ran through a week or so of the archive and it worked pretty well for the most part. On today's the title card visibly flashed up on about the 3rd attempt though!
  13. To be fair, as Liu Kang impressions go, that's right up there.
  14. You could explain what anyone needs to know before watching Endgame in about 30s. Watching everything will let you appreciate the subtleties, and some jokes and so on, but it's completely nonessential, by design.
  15. I would have thought that Loki and/or Wandavision are more relevant, though I don't think there's really been any required viewing for any of the MCU movies. I can't imagine a very high proportion of the audience are being exhaustive with the full slate of content and they're not going to alienate them for the tentpole releases.
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