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  1. Probably games you have played before, but if you are looking for a more substantial experiences then it's well worth giving Half Life and Return to Castle Wolfenstein a go. You just need to install the modded engines via sidequest and then copy over purchased version of the full games (which can be bought for peanuts on Steam). I'm not really sure that it's about the hardware either with regards to how substantial games are, probably more a return on investment situation so I'm not sure the Quest 2 is suddenly going to games with greater scope being released, unless it sells in th
  2. In the sense that if they are on the back compatibility list they will act as a key to let you download the version to play on the XSX.
  3. This is why what MS are doing is so disruptive to the traditional console model, and why they have stated they see their competitors as Google, Apple, Amazon etc. They want people subscribing to Game Pass not just to be those people that buy and Xbox or a fancy PC. They want it to be everyone with an internet connection.
  4. Is that really the case though? Okay so maybe you can't play it on a playstation but they are offering a solution via streaming where it will be available on potentially a billion* devices (android) and a huge amount of those are people who wouldn't otherwise have hardware to play it. In that sense it seems that the loss of it being on a specific platform that will have potentially sold 100million in the next 5 years isn't really something that massively flies in the face of their stated aim. *Android is on 2.5 billion devices but not really sure how many of them can run xcloud so
  5. I thought all MS published games were confirmed as smart delivery. There is no way you aren't getting a free Upgrade for Gears Tactics when one comes along. Plus it says here that it is smart delivery https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2020/09/18/gears-tactics-coming-to-xbox-consoles-november-10-with-launch-of-xbox-series-xs/#:~:text=Gears Tactics%2C the fast-paced,second on Xbox Series X.
  6. Doping Investigation launched by French Police after a raid on Arkea Samsic hotel last Wednesday, seems to be focused on Quintana.
  7. Having loved this the first time I'm finding it hard going on second viewing. I don't know whether it's because I know what's going to happen or not but it just feels so pedestrian. Also we've just watched the episode You Can't Go Home and it's just utterly terrible, nothing about it make sense. What amazes me is looking this up on IMDB to check the name of the episode it's actually one of the highest rated in the first series! It's just dreadful.
  8. People are saying that Roglic blew, but he was 5th on the stage with a great time. Pogacar was just in a different race.
  9. Amazing from Roglic in Pogacar’s interview.
  10. Yellow, White and Polka Dot on your debut tour! Fucking hell.
  11. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this.
  12. Incredible rife by Porte, but the ride Pogacar is doing is out of this world.
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