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  1. They should call it the MIDDLECORE edition. The equivalent to using the Drake Sword
  2. It feels like every single DC comic at the moment is about the fucking Joker. Just in time for his movie im enjoying Decorum even though I only understand about a third of what’s going on. Lots of different art styles and stuff, cool as hell and look at this gentleman octopus
  3. I nearly got a Fell tattoo on my neck a few years back. That wouldn't have aged well
  4. I read it as Mad Skier which sounds like a much more fun game
  5. Yeah it's excellent. Re-read Scalped over the weekend. Great book. The colouring is so fucking great. I hope Aaron gets around to finishing Southern Bastards at some point, his crime books (and whatever you'd call The Goddamned) are much more fun than his superhero output. TBF he did say machiavellian rather than clever
  6. haha! Daredevil Bouldergeist done first time. I remember it being a bastard before
  7. Finally figured out what Rosalina and all her ‘children’ remind me off
  8. The Predator handshake one should have been two Abbys
  9. It should automatically switch when you jump, you never really need to spray and jump at the same time The Bowser fight music in SMG is so great, complete with Sephiroth's choir
  10. It took a wee bit of getting used to but I really like Galaxy with the pro pad instead of the joycons now.
  11. Just did that without too much bother. The chuckers always turn to face you so if you position Mario directly facing where you want to go before talking to them it should work okay.
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