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  1. According to Twitter according to GAF: http://m.neogaf.com/showthread.php?t=1088670 I'm all in for this if true, FFXII was the game that broke my original PS2 so I didn't get far and I enjoyed it a lot more than FF13. PS4 and Vita, please. Eurogamer Article: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-08-03-looks-like-final-fantasy-12-hd-remaster-is-real Final Fantasy 12 looks set for the high definition remaster treatment. Arnie Roth, the conductor for a Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert held in Pittsburgh, mentioned the word "remake" at the event (check out the slip in the video, bel
  2. Full doc will be up next week. Dis gun b gud. EDIT: Oops! please move this to Discussion.
  3. has this been reported on here ....? Metro Redux: Two Games, 1080p on PS4 I could say how excited we are to be showing you this trailer, but I have an idea of what you really want to know… so let’s just cut to the chase. Metro Redux runs at 1080p, 60FPS onPlayStation 4. We had to sneak the PS4 development kits into Kiev to make it happen, but we wholeheartedly think it was worth it… Metro Redux includes Metro 2033 (for the first time ever on a PlayStation platfrom) and Metro: Last Light, remastered for PlayStation 4, with all the gameplay, AI, gunplay, and graphical improvements we added in
  4. The Mirror's Edge Twitter and Facebook just had this posted on them, so it looks like they're gearing up for a full gameplay reveal this E3. They've previously said the game will release early 2016, but we know so little about the game, that maybe a surprise 2015 release isn't completely out of the question. Early Concept Footage + Developers talking rubbish at E3 2013 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gb60vP2PHaw It's been a long time coming, but it's finally happening.
  5. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-02-10-eurogamer-has-dropped-review-scores Instead of ratings out of 10, they're giving out "Essential", "Recommended" and "Avoid" labels to some games. If a game doesn't get one of those, you'll have to actually read the review. This means Eurogamer reviews will no longer be listed on Metacritic. However, on Google searches for their reviews, those labels will be assigned star ratings.
  6. So what are you buying this month to fill the empty void in your soul? We're spoilt for choice this year and October is no exception as it's shaping up to be another fantastic month, no matter what your taste might be. I've pre-ordered Wolfenstein II (PC), Evil Within 2 (PC) and Super Mario Odyssey myself! October 3rd Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 2 (XB1/PS4/PC/Mobile) Battle Chasers: Nightwar (XB1/PS4/PC/Switch) Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen (XB1/PS4) Forza Motorsport 7 (XB1/PC) theHunter: Call of the Wild (XB1/PS4) October 6th LEGO Ninjago Movie
  7. Even though this might be nothing new to most, it's an interesting feature on tax avoidance by big corporations nonetheless.
  8. Conference Schedule EA - Saturday, June 10 at 8PM BST Microsoft - Sunday, June 11 at 10PM BST Bethesda - Monday, June 12 at 5AM BST PC Gaming Show - Monday, June 12 at 6PM BST Ubisoft - Monday, June 12 at 9PM BST Sony - Tuesday June 13 at 2AM BST Nintendo - Tuesday, June 13 at 5PM BST Streams IGN | Twitch | Youtube | Easy Allies | Giant Bomb | Gamespot So last year we already had a ton of hype coming our way by mid-April. Now however, with little over a month to go, it feels like there haven't
  9. Stream | Youtube | Archive ABOUT What to Expect? more at NintendoLife Might as well have a separate thread for it am I right? I'm hoping they're able to make ARMS look more enticing by showing more characters and modes as I'm not sure the Nintendo Tax™ is justified at the moment. They could at least double the roster and make Dhalsim a pre-order bonus (insta buy).
  10. For months I read this the wrong way (thanks RPS). And for years I've been pronouncing Hylian wrong as well. It's Hi-lian not Hillian.
  11. They are currently showing Power Rangers on twitch!
  12. http://www.polygon.com/2017/2/1/14474198/oculus-lawsuit-verdict Palmer Luckey also personally liable for 50m - GIRUY Palmer. Quite startled by the sheer size of the compensation. Maybe they can use that money to make a new engine for Fallout and Elder Scrolls.
  13. Since we have more people into VR than ever, I thought it'd be worth having a general VR thread for sharing news / tech updates relating to VR holistically. Here's something cool I saw this morning, "walk around" VR video.. nice! The catch? 3gb per FRAME. Sheesh.
  14. Sources: Destiny 2 Coming To PC, Aims To Feel Like A Totally New Game I'd be up for some Destiny on PC. I've never been a fan of the first (vanilla) game but from what I've seen recently is that, if anything, it looks like a nice laid back experience where you shoot aliens in the face with your friends while listening to dumb exposition in the background. Sort of like Borderlands but less grating, I suppose. 750+ employees(?!) working on a single game though... is that a new record?
  15. ...Well maybe not but it sure does look Russian! Source
  16. Shamelessly stolen from the Gaf but this is beyond cool (and I missed the closing ceremony cause I didn't think it'd be worth watching, doh). Japan's PM transforms into Mario and then that ending, perfect. The entire video and ceremony are classy as fuck.
  17. As far as highlights go: pretty much the entire Sony press conference. The live orchestra, Kojima's reveal, RE7, God of War, etc. The whole thing felt like a company finally understanding what E3 is all about which is all killer no filler. It was made even better by the cast of Easy Allies. They brought in genuine excitement for the medium which, strangely enough, is all too rare these days. It was refreshing to not have to deal with constant cynicism and negativity. Hype levels were through the roof during their live streams and I wouldn't want to have it any other way. While Giant Bomb took
  18. Well guys, I done did it. On the 6th of February I finally achieved the rank of The Global Elite in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (which I achieved after the rank rebalance that happened in December I might add). It took me a whole lot of time (1100 hours) and energy (drank a lot of Monster Energy) but in the end it was all worth it. Even with all of the cheaters and griefers running amok I persevered and slowly kept moving up the ranks. With each match trying to learn from my mistakes and make improvements to my overall play style, increasingly getting a better understanding of the game a
  19. Nintendo's first 'non-wearable' is a sleep-tracking device How this will do them any good is beyond me. The next morning it will just say "Stop playing games before you go to bed". No one will ever buy a Wii U any more! Oh wait...
  20. The PlusCast is a monthly podcast by rllmuk members talking about the Instant Games Collection provided by Sony as part of their PSPlus subscription service. Every month, we talk about the games that have been available in the previous month and the games available next month on the service. Listen in to hear about the games that we have been playing and to hear about what lies ahead for you next month. The PlusCast, Oct 15, Xeodrifter, Super Time Force and Sony bashing Hipcast links: RSS: http://barry.hipcast.com/rss/pluscast.xml Subscribe on Itunes too. Thanks to MW Jimmy and Bradigor
  21. As a follow up to the small fanzine I did (Game Icons: Luigi) I thought it would be great to follow up with Mario now that we are approaching the 30th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros. I think the book will not only celebrate the legend himself, but show how he has provided creative inspiration to others. This is an open invite to everybody. The Luigi book was mainly a test run with my local printer before doing the big yellow EDIP book. It came out great and we had a lot of fun doing it, but it was based on restrictions (time, cost, postage etc.) - it was a closed invite of 32 artists to make
  22. It's EDIT: somewhat, kind of, fucked isn't it. Football games (two out of two, no less) have been behind their console counterparts since forever, PC ports tend to release long after the initial console release (and we're not talking about small budget titles here) and when they do finally arrive on time they're riddled with bugs and performance issues. It's almost as if the industry is saying "buy our dedicated gaming machines please" because apparently coding for PC is tricky business, even in 2015! Discuss. And don't forget to vote and subscribe.
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